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In a relationship business, Adams & Company Real Estate, LLC is directed by professionals with long-standing affiliations throughout the real estate industry. Whether representing the landlord or working on behalf of the tenant, we customize every transaction to fit the situation.

No deal is acceptable until everyone at the table is satisfied. Securing the right space on the right terms requires skill and dedication. Adams & Company Real Estate, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to negotiations, plus the capacity to answer the most complex technical and financial questions.

Before a client signs a lease, such criteria as expense, quality, image, building services, and operating hours must be addressed. Regardless of space size, length of lease, or location of the property, our commitment to securing the best deal for each client is unwavering.

Adams & Company Real Estate identifies its clients' space and financial needs and finds the perfect solutions. In addition to proactive business methods, the brokers of Adams & Company Real Estate are known for their creative marketing strategies. They are responsible for such niche market buildings as the "outerwear building" at 463 Seventh Avenue and the "contemporary apparel" building at 231 West 39th Street, and are recognized throughout the industry for having developed market destination buildings to encourage long-term occupancy within specific industries.

State-of-the-art data management and financial analysis software systems help guide tenants through the complexities of leasing in today's fast-track market. But it is the time-tested knowledge of location and space that give Adams & Company Real Estate its overwhelming edge in the marketplace.
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